Sian Uther

Property Investment Department Manager

If you could simply conjure up the ideal manager for your property, chances are Sian Uther would magically appear. She’s by far one of the most experienced property managers on the peninsula, with fifteen very busy years under her belt. Sian is that impossible-to-find combination of expert negotiator, all-around fixer, matchmaker, psychologist and organisational wiz; she’s a people person who’s empathetic yet tough, earning the respect of both landlords and tenants.

Originally from Adelaide, Sian and her family have made Avalon Beach their home for the last 10 years. She manages a busy portfolio with properties ranging from multi-million dollar beachfront estates to modest starter apartments, each representing a client’s most valuable asset. Her singular focus is maximising returns for the owner, while ensuring that the property is extremely well cared for and tenanted properly – it’s a balancing act that Sian Uther has well perfected.